Southern Tier Associated Boards of Basketball Officials Observation Form 

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The committee chairperson will average the scores provided to assign the officials' rating for this game.



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Game Type:

Rating Scale for use with Observation Items

Rating Scale:   Excellent -5    Good -4    Acceptable -3    Poor -2    Unacceptable -1






1. Appearance 
Overall appearance, Physical conditioning, Proper uniform 


2. Game Control
Coaches, Players, Bench, Table, Fans

3. Rules
Correct knowledge and proper application of appropriate rules.
Using the correct set of rules for this game.

4. Judgment
Post play, Illegal use of hands, Screening, Violations, Block/Charge  

5. Consistency
Did he/she call the same game at each end of the court?  

6. Mechanics
In proper position, Clear/concise signals, Strong whistle/voice,
Switching and cooperation with partner.  

7. Court Coverage
Proper PCA, Press coverage, Off ball coverage

8. Poise
Attitude/professionalism/temperament, Confident, Courteous

9. Alertness

Ready to handle all situations, Clock management, Hustle,

Reaction, Always in the game?

10. Reaction under pressure

Did he/she make the tough call? When warranted was, 

a technical administered?

Would you be comfortable working with this official on
a higher level game?
Yes No Yes No
Was this a tough overall game to officiate?

Yes No


Referee Comments:


Umpire Comments:


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 Ratings go only to the chair of the Advancement Committee

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